Friday, October 8, 2010 | By: Christopher Dumouchel


With MLSP you will be paying $49 for MLSP but you are also
paying $19 for aweber thats $69 total.
Ours you just pay $17.95
for TrafficWave and you get the system for no Monthly cost and

yes the capture pages are better at MLSP, but we have found they
don't work any better then ours.
So for those of you interested in MLSP

Letss do this. Go with MLSP for 6 months. See if you
get better results then Mike Hobbs did. He is a top marketer in
the industry and made a bunch of money with MLSP personally but
noticed absolutly no duplication from his team. So I hope you
have better results.
If it ends up not working for you like it didn't for him you are
always welcome to come back to me and start over fresh and doing
something that we know duplicates...

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