Saturday, October 2, 2010 | By: Christopher Dumouchel

Marketing Survival Skills

Today i Want to Talk To you About MSS, Everyone has a desire to improve their business with marketing. Without the proper Marketing Survival Skills It is like trying to open a safe without having the correct combination. MSS can give you the skills you need to find the “combination” to unlock the unlimited marketing potential of the internet. Without the correct system in place to show them the “combination” 97% will fail. MSS leverages 5 of the top 20 sites online based on the Alexa ranking. MSS gives you what you need.
. Skype mastermind group 24/7 support
. Step by step training video and written
. Weekly live mastermind sessions
. All training broken down to three easy to follow phases
-phase 1= facebook and twitter mastery
-phase 2= online ad mastery
-phase 3= video and Google mastery
. Prewritten auto responder messages and replicated web sites.
Everyone needs an auto responder to create their lists online.
MSS pays you in two ways:
1) Through your primary business(if you have one)
2) Through traffic wave- the in house affiliate program
Traffic wave pays out in three ways:
1)100% fast track bonus
2)3X10 forced matrix residual income
3)25-50% matching leadership bonuses
With this system the average person can succeed. Let Chris Dumouchel help you achieve your goal and show you the way. Chris loves helping people learn what they need to know. Let him give you the “combination” you need. Feel free to check it out and Chris will be there to help you.
To Your Success

-Christopher Dumouchel
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